• OntosLDIW

    Managing the Linked Data Life-cycle with Ontos Linked Data Information Workbench is the easiest way to integrate heterogenous data from various sources.

  • Geoknow Project

    We are pleased to announce our participation in the GeoKnow project. Geoknow addresses a bold challenge in the area of intelligent information management: the exploitation of the Web as a platform for geospatial knowledge integration as well as for exploration of geographic information.

    For more information please visit the project website or our research page.

  • Semantics and related stories in the news

  • Ontos contributes to the Linked Data Cloud

    The Linked Data Cloud consists of datasets that have been published in the linked data format.

    Ontos is proud of the Ontos News Portal being added to the linked data cloud. The Ontos News Portal takes advantage of Ontos natural language processing technology to extract data from varied news sources. The data is then merged with existing data and stored. For more information about the news portal visit the news portal page.

    The Ontosearch portal provides a search interface for accessing these data sets in your browser.