Web @ 25 – Celebrating 25 years of the Web


14:00Welcome and Agenda
Slides Agenda
Daniel Hladky
W3C Switzerland
14:10Web @ 25
The Web is celebrating his 25th anniversary. How W3C is organised to support the Web and what are our missions and activities. A focus will be made on the new initiatives in progress: Web & TV, Publishing, Web & Payment, Web of Things, Automotive...and how the various industries could be involved in this next technology steps.

Slides W3C by Bernard Gidon
Bernard Gidon
14:40Web technologies: beyond the frontier of digital publishing
The advent of new devices such as tablets and mobiles has changed the way people access and consult information. In order to offer optimal user’s experience, the digital publishing of documents, novels, textbooks, technical manuals has to take advantage of the latest capability of HTML 5/ CSS 3. Our presentation focus on the integration of web technologies in digital publishing (with a focus on e-books) and explain how W3C supports our activities.

Slides Digital Publishing
Sebastien Dubuis
(Managing Director)
and Maurizio Rigamonti (CTO) of Publiwide (W3C Member)
15:30Coffee Break
15:45Linked Open Data
The semantic web isn’t just about putting data on the web. It is about making links, so that a person or machine can explore the web of data. The talk will cover LOD developments, related technologies and highlight how Ontos makes use of it by building a Linked Data Stack that enables companies to create linked open data and publish it on the web.

Slides Linked Open Data
Daniel Hladky
W3C and Ontos
(W3C Member)
16:30W3C Services
Besides being part of a working group (WG) or community group (CG) W3C offers special services like training and validation. We will briefly introduce the W3C services and explain the benefits.
Bernard Gidon
16:50Closing Remarks and Q&ADaniel Hladky
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